About Crusader Tech

Crusader Tech Since 2011 is one of the best airsoft solutions around the world. Just like every warrior should gives his own sword a faith and soul to fight with, we believe Crusader airsoft solutions could redefine the Faith and Soul for your own airsoft gun with proven techniques. It’s proud to be 100% Made in Taiwan with 100% High quality and confidence, CNC machined. There is the best way to makes your own airsoft guns stronger, stylish and perfect with reasonably priced.

When you place in our solutions or modified parts; you will experience amazing changes of your airsoft guns, both the appearance and performance. Our solutions have been used for VFC VR16 series and Avalon the weapon works, we will develop more solutions for different brands, you can expect more stunning products in future.

Whether executing high threat events to competitive shooting experience, we provide your need for a fully comprehensive and extraordinary. That is why we called Crusader Tech, for the Faith and

Always Feeds Your Needs!

Bravo Enhanced SOPMOD Buttstock now on sale!

the B5 Systems Enhanced Sopmod Buttstock. Designed to fit a MILSPEC Receiver Buffer Tube.This stock will be suited for AR-15 series AEG & GBB.

VP9 steel solutions comming soon...


1. Crusader offers one of the best airsoft solutions around the world with reasonably priced.

Proud to be 100% Made in Taiwan and with 100% High quality an confidence, CNC machined. Crusader airsoft solutions feeds you need for a fully steel and extraordinary.